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Make error free work estimates in short amount of time using our free Work Estimate Template. Calculation of cost or money required completing a task, work or project is not as easily detectable as looking at price tags on products and goods in a store. It may needs professional skills and expertise to figure out required time, amount and material to accomplish some sorts of work. Work estimate is a tool used by companies, organizations and individuals to show off all details and information about a work to do like estimated time, estimated sum of money and material required to achieve a particular goal or purpose or to complete a work plan. Work estimate is how much the vendor or seller thinks the job will cost to the customer or client. It also shows that what type of work a customer need to get done by contractor or project manager as per stated terms and conditions of the agreement.

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Large number of wise customers often asks for a work estimate before committing for a job to be completed by a vendor, company or individual. Work estimates are normally printed on company letterhead create a professional impact on customers and clients. A well written work estimate with all sufficient details and information can be a very first step to get a job. If you are unfamiliar about how to prepare an elegant and effective work estimate, you are advised to get assistance from work estimate template. It is a handy tool prepared by professional to provide assistance in making of effectual work estimates for a business or company. As it is a non binding document providing price estimate and other details for a specific job or work to be done, it must be prepared with all essential details that a client may need to know before getting your services.

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It could be one of your duties to create a work estimate for your client when working as an independent contractor or freelancer. It is a document showing details about the work that customer or client want to get done by contractor like description of work, time required for completion of work, cost of materials, labor cost and grand total that client will pay to get the desired work done. Work estimate template can give a helping hand to contractors and freelancers for making professional looking work estimates for their customers and clients.

As you can see in the preview of work estimate template, blue area is dedicated to insert business name and other details for which you are making work estimates. You can easily change its other elements like date, document number, customer name and work description etc. You can also add terms and conditions for the work as well in the template to leave no room for confusion regarding the work and your services.

Work Estimate Template

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Work Estimate Template
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