Timesheet Calculator Template

You are welcome to download our skillfully produced Timesheet Calculator Template to make up timesheet calculator for your business or company. Timesheets are used by business establishments and companies to track working hours of employees in order to calculate their salaries or wages. Contents of timesheet may include date, name of department, name of employees, starting time, ending time, status of employee (present/absent)  etc. Whether you are running a small business or company at large scale, managing payments of employees is not an easy task to do without proper record and details. That’s why use of timesheet calculators is suggested by professionals to stay away from mistakes and errors when calculating salaries of employees. Below is a timesheet calculator template which is formulated in excel format and editable in Microsoft excel. First you need to download the template into personal computer or laptop in order to customize as needed to make it perfect for personal use.

Features of timesheet calculator template

Timesheet is a document used by employers and companies to record time of employees in an organized manner to calculate wages and salaries in future. It usually includes name of the company, department name, list of employees with designations, in time, out time, leave & vacations, over time working if any and total time spent by each employee etc. All recently mentioned information help the employer or accountant of the company in calculating employee salaries at the end of month based on employee hours. It is something more than attendance sheet as it also shows number of hours spend by employees at workplace. Big companies often use computer programs and software for automatic time tracking that small business cannot afford. Hence, timesheet calculator template can work as best alternative to expensive time tracking software and available here free to download.

Download timesheet calculator template below

If your company or business cannot afford expensive time tracking software, then you must go with timesheet calculator template to record and calculate employee working hours effectively. This is the preview image of timesheet calculator template and you can download it by clicking the download button shown below the image.

Timesheet Calculator Template

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Timesheet Calculator Template
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