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you care more than welcome to download and edit our Simple Invoice Template for free. Invoice is an important commercial document normally prepared and issued by a seller or vendor to a customer to demonstrate necessary details and information of a sale transaction like date, type of goods or products, quantity of products, agreed price and other terms and conditions etc. Sometimes an invoice indicates sum of amount must be paid by the buyer according to the payment terms while making a sales transaction. Simple invoice is a document with detailed information that what is purchased by a customer against what price or sum of money on which date or time.

More about simple invoice template

Simple invoice is a handy document for both buyer and seller to settle future disputes and misunderstanding regarding a legal sales transaction as well as to return or replace purchased items or goods. A seller can ask the customer to come with invoice if there is need to return or replace recently purchased products. Details available in the invoice help the seller to verify the sales transaction and other required details like date of transaction and value of goods etc. A simple invoice template can help the individual seller or company to create and print professional looking invoices simply.

Simple invoices are also used to keep track of all financial transaction of a business or company that helps a lot in preparation of financial statements for an accounting year. Some companies are using manual invoicing system to prepare simple invoices for their customers and clients and many of them are using computerized systems and tools for this purpose. it is era of modern technology and wide range of methods and techniques is available to prepare invoices automatically which is best way to increase productivity. Simple invoice template is a best way to prepare simple invoices for your business or company in short time.

Download Simple Invoice Template:

The simple invoice template is added here as the best solution to you all invoicing related issues and problems and you can get it here by hitting the download button shown below. Basic SUM formula is added in the template that you will add values and it will calculate totals automatically. The formula to calculate discount percentage is also there that will help you a lot to calculate the discount amount for purchases quickly if any. It enables you to create and print professional-looking invoices for all your customers free of cost even on your personal computer.

One more benefit of the template is that, user can make use of it over and over for different business deals and transactions. Always use the “save as” option to create a new and unique invoice for your new customer by using the same template.

Simple Invoice Template

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Simple Invoice Template
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