Proforma Invoice Template

A vital business document that clearly declares a seller’s commitment to provide mentioned goods or services in the invoice to the buyer at certain prices is usually reco

gnized as proforma invoice. Proforma invoices are normally sent by sellers to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. Making of proforma invoices for potential customers is a best way that gives the customer an idea of how much will cost them what they’re asking for. The seller or vendor should not register a proforma invoice as an accounts receivable because it is not a confirm invoice but an estimate for the information of customer. Variety of different advanced tools and applications is available on web and in markets to prepare proforma invoices for customers. A business or company who cannot afford costly software, can utilize our easy to use proforma invoice template to make and print proforma invoices for free.

More about proforma invoice template

A document containing details about the sales deal like description of products or goods, quantity, price, total amount to be paid and payment terms etc before finalizing the deal is known as proforma invoice. It is generated by the seller and issued to the buyer in order to communicate basic details of the sales deal or transaction to prior to completion the sale in real. Buyer can use this document to have an idea that how much he or she will need to pay for desired goods or services. Once the customer accepts proforma invoice with its all terms, then seller issues the original invoice to the customer in order to get paid for products or services being sold. This proforma invoice template is very helpful for all types of business settings and companies to generate professional looking invoices just in moments. After downloading, you will get full control on the template to modify its elements.

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This black & white proforma invoice template is prepared with all essential elements that one may need to create an invoice with professional appearance. Below is the preview of proforma invoice template and download button is also added there to make the downloading of template easier for you.

Proforma Invoice Template

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Proforma Invoice Template
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